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Serious fun! These guys take care of business!!

Had such a blast with the Chugach Outdoor Center on Six Mile Creek. A very friendly knowledgeable staff that kept the thrills coming on the river and off. Great at pushing the envelope with safety as a number one priority. Amazing skills with the track record to back it. The owner Jay was very accommodating for our group with hot showers, hot cocoa, and even a hot tub to warm your bones after the frigid rapids. Bring your thermals and head to the C.O.C. if your in Alaska, It will be the Highlight of your Alaskan trip!!

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - March, 2017.

What a great way to spend an afternoon

I did the class IV-V afternoon raft trip. It was amazing. The guides were experienced and know the river very well. The trip is well organized and very professional. Safety is very important to them, If you kill your clients, you will go out of business. Pretty simple concept. So they make sure all riders are safe. The whitewater was absolutely so much fun. The scenery is beautiful. We got to see an eagle and golden eagle. If you love geology, you will not be disappointed with the shoreline. The guides are characters in their own right and thus so enjoyable. It that make the trip even more worth it.

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2016.

AWESOME white water rafting

AMAZING...AMAZING....AMAZING!!!! This trip topped the list of excitement and adventure in Alaska, while seeing breathtaking views. The water was exciting and the guide was awesome. PERFECT TRIP!!!!!

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2016.

Rock stars!

This was my first time whitewater rafting and it was a trip of a lifetime. I will be talking about it for the rest of my life. Thanks to our guide, John Brown (JB), he has a rubber duckie helmet and made our trip so memorable! He's the man. UNREAL! Thank you!!

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2016.

Very Fun

I did the Three Canyon trip in July of 2016. The scenery was spectacular, the guides were great, and the whitewater was stellar.

The office was super accommodating and friendly to work with and the guide staff was a really friendly group with a lot of experience. If you are in Alaska and want an adventure on the water, this is the best one day whitewater trip in the state

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - July, 2016.

Great Float Trip

Rain and mostly cloudy, but had a great trip with Matt! He was extremely knowledgable of the river and its Eco system. We were a three generation group with a seven year old and an 60 year old who recently had total knee replacement. We had a great time, and it was one of our trip highlights, right up there with seeing bears in Denali! Worth every penny and more!

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - July, 2016.

Absolute Rush.

Today was absolutely the most exhilarating experience I've had in Alaska. I will admit, I was pretty nervous for the trip, however, the company and instructors made our group feel extremely safe and comfortable. If you want an adrenaline rush like none other, sign up now. I promise you will not regret it.

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - July, 2014.

3rd Year in a Row!

My wife and I have done 6 Mile for three consecutive years and each time is different as the water levels change - and each time is fantastic! The adrenaline rush and skills test is something that can't be replicated yourself a favor and go hang out with Mudflap and the gang and they will show you an adventure of a lifetime!

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - July, 2014.

Great Company!

These guys are great! From the initial booking on they are friendly, funny and make you feel comfortable. If at any point in time you don't feel comfortable they take the time work with you or will make accommodations to get picked up halfway down the trip. They clearly explain what to wear, have an in-depth safety briefing, and prove their competence on the water to you. These guys know what they are doing and you can see that they truly love it!

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - July, 2014.

Very Well Run Super Adrenaline Rush

This was the second time my wife and I did class 5 rapids, the first time was below the Victoria Falls. The experience here was just as exhilarating but much safer, with an extensive prep session, safety training and a fantastic guide. We used body suits that kept us dry, even through a really invigorating swimming lesson. For the most fun, and to get the most of the whitewater experience, sit in the front of the boat and paddle hard!

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - June, 2014.

Exhilarating River Rafting

This company does a great job from initial booking to disembarking at the end of the day. I felt very prepared by the time we started down the first canyon, due to their instruction and swim exercise, and by the time we reached the class V rapids I was confident we would make it out alive. And we did! Will definitely recommend this to anyone who is going to Alaska.

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - June, 2014.

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