Alaska Whitewater Rafting

Why Travel Alaska by Raft?

Just as the original explorers of Alaska realized, travelling in this vast county by any means other than boat is next to impossible. Roads and highways are few and far between. Air travel is weather dependent, expensive and limited. Alaska's National Parks and Wilderness area's prohibit use of these motorized means of travel in most instances anyway. Rafting Alaska is the best way to truly have that Alaska experience. For the adventurer, Alaska whitewater rafting provides some of the best class 4 and class 5 rapids in the world.

With today’s modern rafting equipment we experience the wilderness much the same way as Alaska's original pioneer explorers Allen, Abercrombie, Brooks and Hayes to name just a few. Unlike these early explorers, however, we are able to bring many creature comforts on our expeditions: Gourmet meals, folding lounge chairs, cocktail hour and hors d'ouvres.

Spectacular day-hiking areas are accessed without heavy backpacks and long approaches. Our complete and enclosed camp kitchens produce mouth-watering meals regardless of weather conditions. Rafts provide an ideal platform from which wildlife is easily observed and photographed in a silent and unobtrusive manner. Rafts are the ultimate means of low-impact wilderness travel. Why rough it living out of a backpack when rafts allow you to cover more miles, carry more gear and see more country while enjoying gourmet meals cooked at a beachfront campsite.

Mankind has yet to come up with a more comfortable or less strenuous method of low impact wilderness travel.

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